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  • About this site
  • This is a specialist site where people can post and view Classified Adverts specifically for items in the Wirral Area. Adverts can be posted for Business Listings, Jobs, Cars, Dating, Houses, items for sale or basically anything you can think of (within reason). No payments are made between the buyers and sellers on the site it is just about listing, viewing and forming contacts between potential parties. Adverts are free to post but users can pay to have their Ads upgraded to Featured items.

  • How to Use this Site
  • The Home page lists the main categories of adverts. Listed underneath the main category menus are specific sub categories such as "Plumbers" or "Audi Cars". Clicking on either the main category or a subcategory will take you to where the adverts are listed, here you can view or submit a free advert for the category you are in. If you are submitting a car for sale then please ensure you list it in the correct Model category. If you wish to Promote your Advert then you can set the promotion level to Gold but this will incur a fee relevant to whatever you are promoting.

  • Featured Items
  • All Adverts are free to post so you can advertise your Taxi business or sell your car or house on the site and there is no cost for this. But if you wish to promote your Advert to a Featured one then there is a cost depending on whether its a business listing, car or house etc. When you are logged into your account you can select the Purchase menu option at the top of the page and from there you can buy the appropriate upgrade package for your chosen advert. Once you have paid you will be assigned the appropriate credits for the feature you want and then you can modify your Free advert and set it to Gold promotion level.

  • Payments
  • Payments for Featured Adverts can be made securely through PayPal, one of the biggest online payment mechanisms on the internet. Paypal accepts all major cards and can even be funded direct from your bank. To make a payment you will be taken to Paypals homepage where you will have to create an account if you don't already have one. If you don't wish to make an account and prefer to pay by cheque then simply contact us using the contact form (the links at the bottom of the page) with your request and we can do the rest.

  • Menu Buttons
  • Home – Available on every page, this will take you back to the Home page (the start page) Submit Ad – Click here to sell your item. You need to register and login before you can submit an add Search – As well as the quick title search on the page the search button will take you to a more detailed search page. Sign in / Sign out / Register – Only sign in/ register if you wish to post an ad or check an ad you’ve already posted

  • Featured Section
  • This section will display any Paid for Featured items. The scrollable list will display items relevant to the categories page you are in, so if you are in the Business Listings - Builders section then any builders who are promoting their Ad will only be shown in this Featured section.

  • Categories Section
  • This section lists the different categories of Adverts. This is the easiest way to find an item you want by browsing into the specific category you want then searching or filtering once in there. When you select a category you may be taken to a page that has more sub categories to browse through.

  • Footer Links
  • Contact - A form where you can contact us with any queries.
    Terms – Terms of this website
    Help (this page)
    Looking for Finance – As an alternative to using banks we recommend Zopa, which is a form of social lending where people lend and borrow to each other.
    Latest 20 Ads – This is an RSS feed which will allow you to subscribe to the latest into this website. This will keep you (add rss link)
    Latest 20 Ads in this category - This is an RSS feed which will allow you to subscribe to the latest into this specific category you are in eg Audi A5. This will keep you (add RSS link)
    Recent Ads – List the top most recent ads, this isn’t an RSS feed but simply a list of recent ads to browse.
    Popular Ads - List the most viewed ads.

  • Entering A New Advert
  • Firstly only signed in users can post an advert, so you will need to register yourself first then sign in to submit your advert. Most fields are self-explanatory but a few of note are – Title – This field is mandatory and is used to describe what you are selling so be precise and clear here Description – Use this for any info you feel will help best describe your item but also note that this field isn’t searchable so make sure the Title contains the keywords Picture – You will need several photos of your item to help sell it so you can browse to where you have saved any image. Please ensure images are below 3mb or they will be blocked. Ideally your images will be small in size so that your advert loads quickly Map – if you enter your postcode here then it will display a Google map to you which will make any potential viewings easier Media– if you make a video of your item and then upload it to YouTube then if you add the reference to it here then people can view it directly Promotion level - All adverts are free to post but if you wish to make you advert Featured then there is a cost and you do it by setting the promotion level to Gold here.


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